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Vulnerability is a big thing. I really work with it very consciously when I’m creating or when I’m performing, and it’s true. If you choose that consciously, things can shift and become more ease and fun.

Artists often say “This piece is my baby! I have to show it to people!” and if you can just bring your barriers down and say “hey, this is just what I have to share. And if you don’t like it, ok, you can choose not to. You don’t have to buy it, you don’t have to watch it, you don’t have to look at it. It’s just a choice. And this is what I chose to create. And this is what I have to contribute.”

But if you can choose to stay that vulnerable, in my experience it just makes that space even more magnanimous, even more expansion, which exponentialises the space even more if you really choose to stay vulnerable with it and not with the becauses, all the reasons, all the justifications for why.

Sometimes people go “Oh yeah, but you know, I wasn’t done yet” or they start to give you already reasons why you might not like it, so that they show you that they saw it too. But if they stay vulnerable, there’s nothing to hide and there’s just this is it. There’s nothing. It’s just totally open and I feel that is also very much the power of art and the power of choosing, creation that way.

And what I am giving you is really an invitation to stay in that space of vulnerability every time because what if our life is a piece of art and we choose to be vulnerable all the time, right? And bring our barriers down all the time? Keep them down, keep them down. What if you don’t only do it in a certain moment but you choose that all the time consciously? For me, choosing vulnerability all the time has been a beautiful ride with so many surprises and so many small beautiful moments of people just coming to me and saying “thank you for your smile” and I know and I choose to keep my barriers down and somebody can receive it. Oh my god, that is such a gift for me as well. So what if we can extend that and not only the moment in the studio or the moment when you are in the gallery. So what if that is always a choice and always something that you can choose?

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~Kalpana Raghuraman, Contributing Author

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